Kyle is a nationally certified strength and conditioning coach, whose journey began in the world of Crossfit and has since developed into high level athletic pursuit.

I first began working out seriously my senior year of college. I had moved to Madison Valley, in Seattle, and went to the closest Crossfit I could find. Little did I know this would change my life. My first coach, Fran Mason, became my mentor and boss after seeing my assist of clients in class. Since then I've dived headfirst into learning about fitness, training, physiology, and nutrition. 

My own training has shifted more toward the gymnastics side of things, a la Ido Portal, however my education and skill set both broad and deep. I study and base my programming around science and model my practice after the most successful coaches around the work. Expect to work hard and achieve under my guidance. 

I have a reputation both for safety and efficacy of instruction.